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Connect IP seeks always to build strong two way relationships with clients as this is vital to delivering value. Through close collaboration and trusting partnership Connect IP is able to undertake important and commercially sensitive assignments. Delivering greater value from knowledge takes many forms apart from intellectual property licensing or patent licensing. We have extensive practical commercial experience in many key areas and have successfully undertaken assignments for major UK and international businesses and much smaller companies.

We are comfortable with undertaking 'one-off' assignments or with providing a retained service with appropriate resources to match the level required.

Examples of the types of assignments covered include for example:

  • Undertaking intellectual property audits and developing IP portfolios;
  • Aligning the IP portfolio with the company's corporate and intellectual property strategy;
  • Managing IP Portfolios
  • Developing intellectual property strategy;
  • Reviewing business processes (eg HR, procurement, engineering and R&D) for IP effectiveness;
  • Devising and undertaking IP development & awareness workshops within businesses;
  • Assisting in business development through licensing & joint venturing;
  • Intellectual property valuation to help position goodwill in acquisitions, mergers and disposals;
  • Intellectual property licensing and in particular patent licensing;
  • Preparing for & undertaking patent licensing negotiations on behalf of clients, as leader or supporter;
  • Helping to devise and implement commercially appropriate IP enforcement strategies.

Because Connect IP is a small organisation it is highly flexible but size is not a constraint on the skills available. Where appropriate Connect IP is able to bring to bear specialised skills in law and accountancy for example through its associated organisations who include not only small bespoke practises but also several among the biggest in Europe. Where we think that it is appropriate to use the additional services of our associates, selection in all cases is based on the nature of the problem and desired outcome.

If you are contemplating extending your business outside the UK either through acquisition, joint venture or patent licensing or other intellectual property licensing we have associates in several countries, particularly in korea and Japan.

Contact Connect IP to see how we can help you point your intellecutal property in the right direction.

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